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Hey there! I am Naya!

I’m a Rotterdam-based Product Designer with a background in architecture and strategic urban design and a passion for user centered design and aesthetics!

Research. Design. Test. Repeat.

My urge to always improve myself and my dedication to a user centered design has led my carrier through different stages. From architecture to designing public spaces and cities to designing digital products, I developed a diverse skill set, ranging from research and ideation to prototyping and implementation that is applicable in the design process of a product whether it is digital or physical.

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What I am good at

Problem solving

Identifying and addressing user needs and pain points, gathering information and generating ideas and implementing solutions that meet the user needs, I have been working with various stakeholders to complete end-to-end projects.

Design systems

Creating clear design systems helps me be consistent and efficient under demanding deadlines while achieving a good quality content.


I have turned my passion for aesthetics and graphics into a set of skills for creating engaging user experiences and guiding user behavior.

Tools I use for my design process

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